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Hi readers. Have you ever dreamed to have a drive test phone like TEMS Pocket, Nokia Nemo Handy, or else? For me, yes. Although in our lab there are many TEMS phones used for our research and trainings, but I still want to have one for my personal purposes. Sometime in one place, I want to know the reasons why the RF performance is poor. With the informations from the DT phone, we could determine the cause of poor performance. Unfortunately, I still don’t have sufficient resource to buy the original one. So, is there any solution? Hummm…. Maybe you’ve heard about the crckd one. But, I will not discuss about it here. I’ll try to post about Netmonitor.

In some phones, we could see the network information by  simply by pressing the secret number combination. This will open the phone’s netmonitor mode. Actually there is another way to know the network information if we don’t know how to change our phone to netmonitor mode. We could install third party application that suitable for our phone platform. But some of these are not free.

Here are a few examples of how to enter the phone netmonitor mode :

[ Sony Ericcson ]

Some Sony Ericsson phones can activate Techmode by:

enter *585*0000# +  send button or enter *585*0000 + call button

This code can only be used for some types of mobile phones . I’ve tested it on my friend’s phone K600i and K510 about two years ago at my campus, and it worked! :)

[ iPhone ]

To open netmon mode in iPhone, dial *3001#12345#*. If you are already in a call, simply press “add call”, enter the number above and press call (the phone will go into netmon mode and keep your call connected).

[ Google G1 ]

Simply press *#*#7262626#*#*

[ Google Nexus One ]

There’s *#*#4636#*#* code, but it’ll show only serving cell-ID. But there is an application named “Netmonitor” in Android Market that will give us more information.

[ Blackberry ]

Simply press Alt+Cap+H at the same time

[ HTC ]

Simply press *#*#364#*#*

To see the engineering mode screen, follow the following steps:

  • Use Total Commander to navigate to \HKLM\Software\HTC\EngineerMode
  • Assign a value of 1 to BuildIEngineerModeApp
  • Close Total Commander and perform a soft reset by holding the Power Button for 5 seconds – Power on your device, and wait for it to boot
  • Now dial *#*#364#*#* After about two seconds, a screen will appear with technical information about your cellular connection.

The code works on HTC Diamond and Touch.

Reference :

  • Phoneftd’s blog at blogspot.com

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